The role of the protégé

The protégé will work closely with the mentor’s guidance and direction and will give as much time as necessary to achieve the goal of excellence.

The protégé will document his or her progress, learning and reflection through writings, notes, photos, and/or film throughout the mentorship.

The protégé will be punctual, respectful, and communicative regarding issues or conflicts that arise.

The protégé will create a portfolio demonstrating his or her level of mastery in the field, including how the project gives back to the community.

The protégé will present his or her work at the year-end festival of learning.

Become a protégé

Inspire Santa Fe has worked with hundreds of students from the following schools and programs:

  1. Santa Fe High School
  2. Tierra Encantada Charter School
  3. The Masters Program Charter School
  4. Mandela International Magnet School
  5. Capital High School
  6. El Camino Real
  7. De Vargas Middle School

If you are a student in one of these schools, contact your principal/director in September and find out how to apply for the Inspire Santa Fe mentorship program.

If you are not in one of these schools/programs, but would like to get involved in the program, please contact Todd Lopez:; (505) 231-5484

As Inspire Santa Fe's resources grow, we hope to be able to accommodate any youth in Santa Fe, regardless of whether or not they are part of a participating school.