2016-2017 Mentorships

Now in our third year, we're aiming to facilitate over 60 high-quality interest-based mentorships between young people (protégés) and adult volunteers (mentors).

Some have been surprised to learn that we are not trying to expand to include hundreds of young people and adults in the program. Though expansion would be a worthy endeavor, we are actually strategizing to scale mentorships by disseminating the model to other communities, and possibly to other organizations here in Santa Fe. This year, we're also focusing more attention on equity (making sure we reach young people from all walks of life) and mentor support (making sure our mentors have a rich learning experience).

Our hope is to evolve Inspire Santa Fe into a small, gold-standard program that will serve as a national model. Below, find a growing list of the mentors and proteges who have joined us in our effort to unlock inspiration through mentorship this year!

Mentorships Continuing for a Third Year

  1. Electric Guitar: Isaiah Armijo (At-Large) with mentor Mikey Baker.

  2. Cultural Studies /App Engineering: Luke Karns (MIMS) with mentors Hilary Kilpatric (International Folk Art Alliance) and Jay Turley (Studio X)

Mentorships Continuing for a Second Year

  1. Dance: Jacob Hernandez (At-large) with Mary Miller.

  2. Guitar: Larissa Aragon (SFHS) with mentor Ross Hamlin.

  3. Neonatology. Maggie Galdamez with mentor Julie Page (Christus/St. Vincents)

New Mentorships

  1. Pediatrics: Abigail Rodriguez (Engage) with mentor Dr. Elisa Gutierrez.

  2. Business: Adam Kurtz (TMP) with mentor Andy Knowlton.

  3. Biology: Adreanna Jasso (TMP) with mentor Ondine Frauenglass.

  4. Animal Behavior: Alanna Forsberg (TMP) with mentor [ }.

  5. German Language: 2nd year protégé Alex Dustin (MIMS) with mentor Ellen Smith.

  6. Auto Mechanics: Alexis Flores (ECRA) with mentor Marc Beyer (OCD Custom Cycles & Auto Repair).

  7. Diversity Training. Amelia Rogers (TMP) with mentor Emily Stern.

  8. Police Work: Ariel Gonzales (TMP) with Erica Montoya.

  9. Costume Design: Arlenn Barba (SFHS) with mentor Katie Keener (Makers at Meow Wolf).

  10. Family Medicine: Betzaida Rodriguez (SFHS) with mentor Dr. Mac Bowen.

  11. Dance: Britsy Madrid (El Camino Real) with third year mentor Les Ann Holland.

  12. Personal Training. Bryhanna Martinez (TMP) with mentor Shane Miller.

  13. Guitar: Canek Rueda de Leon (MIMS) with mentor Greg Butera.

  14. Medical Assisting: 2nd year protege Celeste Sandoval (MIMS) with mentor Sylvia Ornelas.

  15. Veterinarian Sciences: Claire Thomas (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  16. Cosmetology: Danicia Apodaca (SFHS) with mentor Melodi Wyss Feliciano.

  17. Blacksmithing. Second year protege Daniel Onstott (SFHS) with mentor Will Wood.

  18. Photography: Daniela Serrano (SFHS) with mentor Christi Wiltenburg (Bostick & Sullivan).

  19. Physical Therapy: Second year protege Daria Teterycz with mentor [ ].

  20. Medicine: Dolores Avalos (TMP) with mentor Dr. Daniel Kovnat.

  21. [ ]: Esperanza Amor Lopez (TMP) with mentor Sarah Mitchell.

  22. Music: Ever Prishkulink (TMP) with mentor [ ].

  23. Fashion Sewing and Design: Gabby Deswood (At-Large) with mentor Elizabeth Ballowe.

  24. Community Organizing/Civil Right: Gabriel Lopez (SFHS) with mentor Marc Kolman (NM Department of Health).

  25. Acting/Theater: Grace LeSueur (TMP) with mentor Jennie Lewis.

  26. Audio Engineering: Heather Andrews (TMP) with [ ].

  27. Audio Engineering: 2nd year protege Honoree Guagy (MIMS) with mentor Chris Riggins.

  28. Immigration Law: Isaac Hernandez (SFHS) with mentors Emma O’Sullivan  and Victoria Maqueda (Santa Fe Dreamers Project).

  29. Immigration Law: Isabel Chavez (SFHS) with mentors Emma O’Sullivan  and Victoria Maqueda (Santa Fe Dreamers Project).

  30. Computer Building and Repair: Isaiah McDonald (Engage) with 3rd year Inspire mentor Nelson Lopez (Santa Fe Computer Works).

  31. [ ]: James Mitchell (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  32. Animal behavior: Jamie Ray (TMP) with mentor [ ].

  33. Plumbing. Jose Castillo (SFHS) with mentor Shawn Miller.

  34. Computer Engineering: Jose Monge (El Camino Real) with mentor Matthew Gwin.

  35. Dentistry Assisting: Juana Ruiz Ramirez (TMP) with Shanna Jameson.

  36. Art Therapy: Kaela Childs (MIMS) with mentor Bethany Moore-Garrison (Southwestern alum).

  37. Medical Assisting: Karime Mariscal-Marquez with 3rd year mentor (and former protege with mentorship program at TMP!) Jasmin Loya.

  38. Veterinarian Sciences: Katalina Gallegos (TMP) with mentor Diego Sanchez.

  39. Astrology: Keliyah Dilliner (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  40. Pediatrics: Kelyn Hernandez (SFHS) with Kristina Sinnott.

  41. Song Writing: Second year protege Lauren Rodriguez (SFHS) with mentor Joe Edwards.

  42. American Sign Language: Leslie Carrillo (SFHS) with 2nd year Inspire mentor Emma Lozada.

  43. Yoga: Lileigh Thomas (SFHS) with mentor Anjali Davidson.

  44. Acting/Theater: Malina Brannen (TMP) with mentor Chris Leslie.

  45. Fashion Design: Maria Morales Munoz (Engage) with mentor Eva M. Ghazi.

  46. Creative Writing. Marina Wright (SFHS) with second year mentor Emily Tippetts.

  47. Cosmetology: Marisa Tedori (SFHS) with mentor Erin Trujillo.

  48. [ ]: Marissa Chavez (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  49. Photography: Nicholas Flock (TMP) with mentor Cody Brothers (Visions).

  50. Sustainable Technology: Nicolas Gonzalez-Rutt (MIMS) with Luke Spangenburg.

  51. Belly Dancing: 2nd year protégé Rajani Clinger (MIMS) with 2nd year mentor Mollie Kelly (SEEDS at Pomegranate Studios).

  52. Guitar: Raven Swing (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  53. Culinary Arts: ReAnna Gomez (Engage) with Annadine Benavidez (SFCC culinary arts intern).

  54. Painting: Ronald Alexander Guardado (SFHS) with 3rd year Inspire mentor Israel Haros (Adelante).

  55. Photography: Saif Mahmood (At-Large) with mentor Steven Walenta.

  56. Service Leadership: Samantha Vigil (TMP) with 3rd year mentor Zach Taylor (TMP).

  57. Cosmetology: Selena Gonzales (Engage) with mentor Marissa Martinez (M.A.C. cosmetics).

  58. Cosmetology: Serena Crespin (SFHS) with mentor Amanda Pincheira (M.A.C. cosmetics).

  59. Psychology: Sofia Cervantes (SFHS) with mentor Anna Sullivan Reiser.

  60. Immigration Law: Sierra Rae Rivera (TMP) with mentors Emma O’Sullivan  and Victoria Maqueda (Santa Fe Dreamers Project).

  61. [  ]: Zach Nicholas (TMP) with mentor [ ].

  62. Illustration: Zachary Morris (TMP) with mentor Chimezie Onuoha.

  63. Culinary Arts: Alma Lopez (El Camino Real) with second year mentor Marita Prandoni.