2016-2017 Mentorships

Mentorships Continuing for a Third Year

  1. Electric Guitar: Isaiah Armijo (At-Large) with mentor Mikey Baker.

  2. Cultural Studies /App Engineering: Luke Karns (MIMS) with mentors Hilary Kilpatric (International Folk Art Alliance) and Jay Turley (Studio X)

Mentorships Continuing for a Second Year

  1. Dance: Jacob Hernandez (At-large) with Mary Miller.

  2. Guitar: Larissa Aragon (SFHS) with mentor Ross Hamlin.

  3. Neonatology. Maggie Galdamez with mentor Julie Page (Christus/St. Vincents)

New Mentorships

  1. Pediatrics: Abigail Rodriguez (Engage) with mentor Dr. Elisa Gutierrez.

  2. Business: Adam Kurtz (TMP) with mentor Andy Knowlton.

  3. Biology: Adreanna Jasso (TMP) with mentor Ondine Frauenglass.

  4. Animal Behavior: Alanna Forsberg (TMP) with mentor [ }.

  5. German Language: 2nd year protégé Alex Dustin (MIMS) with mentor Ellen Smith.

  6. Auto Mechanics: Alexis Flores (ECRA) with mentor Marc Beyer (OCD Custom Cycles & Auto Repair).

  7. Diversity Training. Amelia Rogers (TMP) with mentor Emily Stern.

  8. Police Work: Ariel Gonzales (TMP) with Erica Montoya.

  9. Costume Design: Arlenn Barba (SFHS) with mentor Katie Keener (Makers at Meow Wolf).

  10. Family Medicine: Betzaida Rodriguez (SFHS) with mentor Dr. Mac Bowen.

  11. Dance: Britsy Madrid (El Camino Real) with third year mentor Les Ann Holland.

  12. Personal Training. Bryhanna Martinez (TMP) with mentor Shane Miller.

  13. Guitar: Canek Rueda de Leon (MIMS) with mentor Greg Butera.

  14. Medical Assisting: 2nd year protege Celeste Sandoval (MIMS) with mentor Sylvia Ornelas.

  15. Veterinarian Sciences: Claire Thomas (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  16. Cosmetology: Danicia Apodaca (SFHS) with mentor Melodi Wyss Feliciano.

  17. Blacksmithing. Second year protege Daniel Onstott (SFHS) with mentor Will Wood.

  18. Photography: Daniela Serrano (SFHS) with mentor Christi Wiltenburg (Bostick & Sullivan).

  19. Physical Therapy: Second year protege Daria Teterycz with mentor [ ].

  20. Medicine: Dolores Avalos (TMP) with mentor Dr. Daniel Kovnat.

  21. [ ]: Esperanza Amor Lopez (TMP) with mentor Sarah Mitchell.

  22. Music: Ever Prishkulink (TMP) with mentor [ ].

  23. Fashion Sewing and Design: Gabby Deswood (At-Large) with mentor Elizabeth Ballowe.

  24. Community Organizing/Civil Right: Gabriel Lopez (SFHS) with mentor Marc Kolman (NM Department of Health).

  25. Acting/Theater: Grace LeSueur (TMP) with mentor Jennie Lewis.

  26. Audio Engineering: Heather Andrews (TMP) with [ ].

  27. Audio Engineering: 2nd year protege Honoree Guagy (MIMS) with mentor Chris Riggins.

  28. Immigration Law: Isaac Hernandez (SFHS) with mentors Emma O’Sullivan  and Victoria Maqueda (Santa Fe Dreamers Project).

  29. Immigration Law: Isabel Chavez (SFHS) with mentors Emma O’Sullivan  and Victoria Maqueda (Santa Fe Dreamers Project).

  30. Computer Building and Repair: Isaiah McDonald (Engage) with 3rd year Inspire mentor Nelson Lopez (Santa Fe Computer Works).

  31. [ ]: James Mitchell (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  32. Animal behavior: Jamie Ray (TMP) with mentor [ ].

  33. Plumbing. Jose Castillo (SFHS) with mentor Shawn Miller.

  34. Computer Engineering: Jose Monge (El Camino Real) with mentor Matthew Gwin.

  35. Dentistry Assisting: Juana Ruiz Ramirez (TMP) with Shanna Jameson.

  36. Art Therapy: Kaela Childs (MIMS) with mentor Bethany Moore-Garrison (Southwestern alum).

  37. Medical Assisting: Karime Mariscal-Marquez with 3rd year mentor (and former protege with mentorship program at TMP!) Jasmin Loya.

  38. Veterinarian Sciences: Katalina Gallegos (TMP) with mentor Diego Sanchez.

  39. Astrology: Keliyah Dilliner (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  40. Pediatrics: Kelyn Hernandez (SFHS) with Kristina Sinnott.

  41. Song Writing: Second year protege Lauren Rodriguez (SFHS) with mentor Joe Edwards.

  42. American Sign Language: Leslie Carrillo (SFHS) with 2nd year Inspire mentor Emma Lozada.

  43. Yoga: Lileigh Thomas (SFHS) with mentor Anjali Davidson.

  44. Acting/Theater: Malina Brannen (TMP) with mentor Chris Leslie.

  45. Fashion Design: Maria Morales Munoz (Engage) with mentor Eva M. Ghazi.

  46. Creative Writing. Marina Wright (SFHS) with second year mentor Emily Tippetts.

  47. Cosmetology: Marisa Tedori (SFHS) with mentor Erin Trujillo.

  48. [ ]: Marissa Chavez (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  49. Photography: Nicholas Flock (TMP) with mentor Cody Brothers (Visions).

  50. Sustainable Technology: Nicolas Gonzalez-Rutt (MIMS) with Luke Spangenburg.

  51. Belly Dancing: 2nd year protégé Rajani Clinger (MIMS) with 2nd year mentor Mollie Kelly (SEEDS at Pomegranate Studios).

  52. Guitar: Raven Swing (TMP) with mentor [  ].

  53. Culinary Arts: ReAnna Gomez (Engage) with Annadine Benavidez (SFCC culinary arts intern).

  54. Painting: Ronald Alexander Guardado (SFHS) with 3rd year Inspire mentor Israel Haros (Adelante).

  55. Photography: Saif Mahmood (At-Large) with mentor Steven Walenta.

  56. Service Leadership: Samantha Vigil (TMP) with 3rd year mentor Zach Taylor (TMP).

  57. Cosmetology: Selena Gonzales (Engage) with mentor Marissa Martinez (M.A.C. cosmetics).

  58. Cosmetology: Serena Crespin (SFHS) with mentor Amanda Pincheira (M.A.C. cosmetics).

  59. Psychology: Sofia Cervantes (SFHS) with mentor Anna Sullivan Reiser.

  60. Immigration Law: Sierra Rae Rivera (TMP) with mentors Emma O’Sullivan  and Victoria Maqueda (Santa Fe Dreamers Project).

  61. [  ]: Zach Nicholas (TMP) with mentor [ ].

  62. Illustration: Zachary Morris (TMP) with mentor Chimezie Onuoha.

  63. Culinary Arts: Alma Lopez (El Camino Real) with second year mentor Marita Prandoni.